A collection of 10.000 loyal citizens who thrive on the thrill of competition.

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Welcome to the squad

The Slim Salamanders are unique gaming and comic book characters who inhabit the remote modern underwater city of Salavia. Each Slim Salamander is one-of-a-kind with their own personality and style drawn from distinct traits. As a member of the squad, you will have exclusive access to our upcoming competition PvP arena style game with play to earn mechanics, Salavia City, and will also hold voting rights for our community determined choose your own adventure comic.


Salavia City

Salavia City is the setting of our upcoming game and the choose your own adventure comic. Both story lines will be weaved together to create the foundation for the Slim Salamander Universe. In the remote city of Salavia Squad members compete in a monthly city run combat tournament, The Governor’s Games, to determine the city’s governor. The reigning Governor must be victorious to retain the title or suffer defeat to a more worthy opponent. To little knowledge of the public this is all a great distraction of power which has been created by the true ruling class and shadow government. A fact that is only known by a few brave would be heroes.




Meet the team



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